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Exploring Generative AI with Dan Bikel, Senior AI Scientist at Meta

December 15, 2023

On January 11, 2024 the Westport Library is proud to present Dan Bikel, Senior AI Scientist at Meta. He will be speaking on the topic of exploring generative AI. Mark your calendar so you don't miss this new event by the Westport Library, located at 20 Jesup Road Westport, CT 06880. A meet-and-greet cocktail reception begins at 6:30 pm and the program begins at 7:00 pm. Register here to reserve your place. 

What is Generative AI? 

AI refers to artificial intelligence, the concept of a computer that can possess human-like qualities. More specifically, generative AI is when a computer is programmed to generate content that seems like it could have been created by a person. ChatGPT is one very recent example, a program that can generate many different forms of written word from prose to poetry, all with proper grammar and even a conversational tone. 

About Dan Bikel 

Our keynote speaker, Senior AI Scientist Dan Bikel, has worked as a natural language processing researcher for many years and has had the opportunity to watch generative AI evolve into the current technology that is available today. He has held positions at BBN Technologies, IBM Research, LinkedIn, and Google Research. 

Bikel is currently working as an AI research scientist at Meta AI with the goal of developing large language models. Having earned his AB from Harvard in Classics–Ancient Greek and Latin, and his MS and PhD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in computer science, Bikel is highly qualified through his educational background and professional experience. 

AI and Dentistry 

AI offers cutting edge technology that can improve dental care for patients and providers. From improved diagnostics for early detection of tooth decay and oral cancer to greater efficiency for procedures, AI is revolutionizing the field of dentistry. Computer programs using AI can analyze X-ray images to detect abnormalities and the earliest signs of dental and oral health risks, even things that dentists may miss. Early detection and treatment improves outcomes for patients. 

Benefits of Generative AI 

There are a variety of benefits that generative AI offers, such as: 

  • Personalized experiences. AI is capable of generating text that can seem very personalized to customers, clients, patients, etc. which enhances relationships. 
  • Information analysis. AI can analyze a large amount of information in a shorter period of time, highlighting trends and computing data that can improve processes. 
  • Accelerate medical test results. Patients can get the results of medical tests much sooner with the help of AI, rather than waiting for a medical researcher to provide analysis. 
  • Improves cybersecurity. AI can detect abnormal cyber activity that could indicate a security threat. 
  • Boost creativity. Generating new ideas can be a challenge, but AI can inspire creativity in a variety of ways. 

Register Online Now to Reserve Your Place 

If you’re interested in this exciting opportunity to learn about generative AI technology, please reserve your place today by registering here. The event is free but donations are always welcome to support the library and future events. 

Event title: Exploring Generative AI with Dan Bikel, Senior AI Scientist at Meta

Location: Westport Library, 20 Jesup Road Westport, CT 06880

Date: January 11, 2024

Time: Cocktail reception at 6:30 pm, program begins at 7:00 pm

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