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Treatment of TMJ Disorders

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What Is TMJ Treatment?

TMJ disorder is a condition affecting the temporomandibular joints, the place on each side of the face where the lower jaw connects to the head. If you put your fingers right in front of the opening of your ears and move your jaw, you’ll feel your TMJ working. This joint can become irritated by overuse or a pulled muscle or ligament, resulting in pain and limited range of motion, among other symptoms. TMJ treatment addresses this condition and provides relief

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Signs You Need TMJ Treatment

The following signs and symptoms often indicate TMJ disorder:

  • Pain in the jaw
  • Pain when chewing
  • Limited range of motion in the jaw
  • Ear pain
  • Headache, especially in the temple region of the head
  • Popping or clicking sound when moving the jaw
  • Swelling around the joint
  • Muscle tension in the face

Why Choose Imperial Dental Associates?

TMJ treatment is most often provided by dentists because they specialize in conditions affecting the structure of the jaw. Imperial Dental Associates provides treatment for TMJ disorder that can provide lasting relief of your symptoms. We get to the source of the problem to find out why TMJ disorder is occurring and determine how to prevent flare ups in the future.

Treatment Options for TMJ

At the onset of symptoms, start with the following treatments:

  • Apply ice to the affected area
  • Rest your jaw as much as possible
  • Eat soft foods to avoid chewing
  • Take anti-inflammatory pain relievers, such as ibuprofen

If symptoms persist for more than a week after applying the above treatments, contact us. After an evaluation we can provide additional treatment, such as:

  • Botox. Botox is an injectable medication that can reduce inflammation and ease muscle tension to provide relief of TMJ symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Treatment

What causes TMJ disorder?
TMJ disorder can result from a variety of causes such as chewing something particularly hard, overuse from constant chewing, or opening your mouth wider than normal and straining the muscles and ligaments. TMJ disorder can also result from arthritis and auto-immune disorders.
What does TMJ stand for?
TMJ stands for the term temporomandibular joint, the name of the hinge joint where the lower jaw connects to the skull. There are two TMJs, one on each side of the face.
Is ibuprofen better than acetaminophen for TMJ?
While both ibuprofen (advil) and acetaminophen (tylenol) can provide pain relief, ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory medication, which can be more effective with this type of disorder.
Is Botox safe?
Botox has become widely used for a variety of different purposes. It began as a cosmetic treatment to smooth lines and wrinkles in the face, but now it is used for medical purposes as well. Botox is a toxin released by the bacteria botulinum that forces the muscles to relax. When it is injected in the area of the TMJ it can relieve the tension that causes pain and limited movement.
Are there alternative treatments to Botox?
If you are not interested in trying Botox, there are some alternative options for relief. A bite splint can help keep your jaw in proper alignment to relieve the irritation of the joint. A night guard to reduce the effects of teeth grinding may also help.
Will I need surgery for TMJ disorder?
If TMJ disorder is severe and no other treatment options provide relief, surgery may be the next step. The joint may need to be rebuilt surgically to provide long term relief of your symptoms.

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